Prepping for the End

Christmas Tree

I was staring at the Christmas tree yesterday and was thinking about the end of it…… not the Mayan Calender thingy on Friday but the end of the holiday season. I took some time yesterday while all the decorations were out and put up to see how my storage containers were faring. It’s been a quite a few years since I bought most of them. There is no end to all the amazing storage containers out there and especially those designed for your holiday decorations.

My favorite ones are the ornament containers. I have a hodge podge of ornaments that we have collected on our various travels so they are all shapes, sizes and materials.  Now I grew up in a house where our ornaments were stored in tissue paper lined shoe boxes and that’s a fine way to store sturdy ornaments but I dislike rifling through tissue paper and it just eats away at what little time I have to get it all done. So a few years back I was in Lowe’s and I found these totes that were layered and divided for ornaments.

Storage Box Closed Storage box interior

I’ve made a few improvements to the basic design but these things are tough and they even protected my ornaments during our recent 1,000 mile move! I have since lined the containers with a single layer of bubble wrap to give the items in the outer compartments and on the bottom  a bit more protection. The same thing could be achieved with an old hand towel. While I had everything out I decided to do a little purging of unnecessary packaging that I was holding onto for no good reason. I have a two rules I try to follow when it comes to keeping original packaging for these items. First, is the packaging specifically designed to protect this from breaking and will it be better protected in this package then if I put it in the ornament tote. If the anser is yes the package gets to stay. Second, is the packaging not only to protect the ornament but part of its value, as in collectible ornaments. Part of my personal ornament collection is made up of the annual White House ornaments. The boxes for these should I ever choose to pass them on or sell them would affect the value. Below is a picture of some of the packaging I have chosen to keep because it follows the rules I outlined above.

various ornament boxes

The other thing I cleaned out that I found was a huge time eater was tissue paper around each ornament. While I love to wrap and unwrap presents, I really don’t like wrapping and unwrapping ornaments. I do have a few a few semi-delicate ornaments that have a bit of bubble wrap but I have ditched the tissue paper and gained back some time! Woowho!

I have one other special ornament box that I love! I have acquired a number of very small ornaments and they tended to float around in the big box wreaking havoc so I have put them in a small tackle box to keep them from throwing wild parties in the big box!

Small ornament box

Yup – when Santa Claus and Winnie the Pooh get together look out!


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