I’m a neat freak. My home is not spotless by a long shot but it is neat and organized. With years of experience in logistics, project management and overall neat freakery, I decided I should share my experiences with a wider audience since the husband and the dog tend to get a glazed look in their eyes when I start organizing things.

I grew up with neat freak parents, and an equally neat freak sister. I’m not sure if I inherited my organizing skills or just learned them early on to be able to survive in my neat freak family. Even in high school I was jokingly awarded the Most Organized Girl in the Class – what do you mean not everyone organizes their textbooks with color coded tabs?

My first college career I studied art history and studio art, a rather messy subject for someone like me. My first real job was as an assistant manager in an embroidery shop which required me to organize orders and inventory. I grew into a production management role with a larger company with lots of inventory, lots of orders and now a staff. Then I tried my hand at sales – not a good fit. Back into production management I went now working for an art-to-wear clothing designer.  Massive amounts of inventory for both orders and a store, lots of different types of production like paint production, screen printing, fabric cutting, sewing, garment finishing and shipping. It also entailed learning how to deal with subcontractors. Then I tried my hand at project coordination for an engineering firm – a very different type of organization. Engineers don’t take kindly to organizational systems. It was a tough job. It was also my first experience with office consolidations and moving offices and my first time handling massive digitization of paper files. Did I mention that was a tough job.

With my nerves  fairly frazzled by this last job I went to work as a shipping clerk for a medical supply and equipment company. I had a fairly stress free job until the big boss read my resume and wanted to know why I was only working part-time as a shipping clerk. So back into the fire I went this time to organize a warehouse, keeping records for FDA compliance and navigating office politics. After two years of a hellish commute I had had enough fun and decided I needed a little break. During this time I had gone back to school and was studying architecture – lots of order in that field!

After giving our home a thorough purging and in a fit of trying new forms of organization my husband cried “Uncle!” He procured a volunteer position with our local chamber of commerce. For several months I worked in a volunteer capacity. I loved it and then I was offered a job. What happened next – the best seven and a half years of my working career! I got to organize to my heart’s content and when able helped some of our members organize their businesses and processes! We organized events and did it all with big smiles because we were helping others!

Now I live in Florida and after organizing our monster move and coming up with my own home inventory and move process I’ve decided its time to help other people get organized. It’s not impossible. We can do it together!





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